79. Power to Amend Schedules

(1) The Government may, by notification, alter, add to or cancel any of the Schedules.

(2) Where a notification has been issued under sub-section(1) there shall, unless the notification is in the meantime rescinded, be introduced in the Legislative Assembly, as soon as may be, but in any case during the next session of the Legislative Assembly following the date of the issue of the notification, a Bill on behalf of the Government, to give effect to the alteration, addition or cancellation, as the case may be, of the Schedule specified in the notification, and the notification shall cease to have effect when such Bill becomes law, whether with or without modifications, but without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done thereunder:

Provided that if the notification under sub-section(1) is issued when the Legislative Assembly is in session, such a Bill shall be introduced in the Legislative Assembly during that session:

Provided further that where for any reason a Bill as aforesaid does not become law within six months from the date of its introduction in the Legislative Assembly, the notification shall cease to have effect\on the expiration of the said period of six months.

(3) All references made in the Act to any of the Schedules shall be construed as relating to the Schedules in force for the time being amended in exercise of the powers conferred by this Section.