7 Certain sales not liable to tax

Nothing contained in this Act or the rules made thereunder shall be deemed to impose or authorise the imposition of tax on any sale of goods when such sale takes place -

(a) in the course of inter-state trade or commerce; or

(b) outside Delhi; or

(c) in the course of import of the goods into or export of the goods out of, the territory of India.

Explanation. - Sections 3, 4 and 5 of the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 (74 of 1956) shall apply for determining whether or not a particular sale takes place in the manner indicated in clause (a), clause (b) or clause (c) of this section.

(d) in accordance with the notification issued by the Central Government in exercise of its powers under section 3 of the Foreign Aircraft (Exemption from Taxes and Duties on Fuel) Act, 2002 (36 of 2002), no tax shall be levied on sales of the fuel and lubricants which are filled into receptacles forming part of any aircraft registered in a country other than India, if-

(i) the said country is a party to the Convention on International and Civil Aviation, 1944; and

(ii) the said country has entered into an Air Services agreement with India; and

        (iii) the aircraft is operating on a scheduled or non-scheduled service to or from India.